Waffles and Rabbits 🐰

DISCLAIMER: I CAN’T LOCATE THEIR FB PAGE ANYMORE, SO UNSURE IF IT’S STILL AROUND? Just curious, anyone who knows can update me 💋‍

Had a date with Nutella waffle late night. Shhh, don’t tell my breakfast. nutella waffle

This is from months ago (can tell by my long hair, abuden) but I just want to blog about it today, because there’s followers on my social media (until today) still asking about the ‘rabbit place’ 🐰💞  
Located at SS18, it’s called Hop Hop CafeNo kidding, there’s rabbits! I tried to cuddle, not easy 😥
bunny fail dianababeAnd one of them nibbled my ASS. No pain though, just ticklish haha!
My dear friend who snapped this photo kept laughing 😈
dianababe - bunny cafe hop hopAfter all the hoohah… I GAVE UP. I won’t cuddle, I’ll just pet them *kawaii des*
dianababe - hop hop - rabbit cafeFinally about the food. There are many waffles but I’ll recommend the one above (first photo) because I’m a big fan of Nutella! If you’re a fan of Nutella you should try.
And personally, I fell in love with the Green Tea Latte 🍵  I’m a picky person when it comes to my food. I approve the Green Tea Latte here 🍵
diana - hop hop cafe

Anyhow, thanks for reading & have a hoppity hoppy day!

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