We ♥ Asia Party 2013

Happy to be able to party with the biggest stars in this year’s We ♥ Asia party @ Sepang.
Before going to the party, I was so tired as I just completed the whole course of Big Thrill challenge at Skytrex (sponsored trip). Straight after hours of canopy walk & flying fox, I made my way to Sepang for party! Click here to read my adventures in Skytrex @ Shah Alam!

#SELCA while on the way to Sepang, we almost got lost looking for F1 Sepang circuit#

After showering & makeup for the party, we went to have a dinner before going to Sepang! Sepang has the tastiest & most affordable seafood ever *sadly we didn’t order fish, sobs*

After dinner, we meet some of our friends and before entering the party in the F1 circuit arena, we decided to drink lots of beer so that we can get ourselves high before partying!
#Drinking beer at the carpark before party#

#We took cute polaroid pics too#
#Boys chilling at the carpark#
When we’re all ready, off we went into the party land, F1 circuit! We found a spot just infront of the stage… I could see TaoCruz in real person, Yeeeehaaa!
#I couldn’t take any pics of the performing artists, as my camera went out of battery. I only had a few caught using my fren’s camera, so sad#
#Sky, Dianababe & Mavice#
#Wearing shades… the lights from the stage are blinding bright#
I danced so much, that my heels broke and I must take a sit to rest *sobbing*
#Tired me taking a rest#
#My leggings were even ripped, talk about partying HARD#
#Dancers at the show… picca time#
Finally when the party ended and each of us were given free Share Tea after the show *Wuwu*
I’m not a big fan of ShareTea as I am a big ChaTime fan… but never mind. Free is better than nothing *greedy me*

Well well well…. I only went to the 1st day of We ♥ Asia Pa rty. As for 2nd day, I didn’t make it because I went back with an upset tummy; 2 days I went for frequent toilet trips with a painful tummy *Ouch*
So sad that I can’t see Redfoo and Steve Aoki perform… here’s a song to console my sadness. HAHAHAHA *drama queen*

Anyhow I had fun & for those who attended Day2… I’m so jealous of you!
*kick kick*

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4 Comments on “We ♥ Asia Party 2013”

  • Seems i need to go to Malaysia someday 😀 But this year its gonna be Indonesia 😛 I heard the language is alike? Is it?

  • Where are you from? The language is quite slightly similar. Thanks for reading my blog, enjoy your trip!

  • awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @[email protected]