what happens during a period

what happens during a period

This is a very blood-soaked week because I’m having my PERIOD. I am writing about ‘what happens during a period’ today because I found that some men must learn a thing or two about a PERIOD. I’m not judging but from my experience & observation, some of them can be insensitive & LABEL girls who are on a period as ‘mad’, ‘crazy’, ‘dramatic’, etc.

Bizarrely, sometimes it’s ALSO the GIRLS who show insensitivity. I’ve known some ‘pick me’ girls who are blessed with a smooth & painless period, then goes around telling guys that ‘those girls are over-reacting’. Yeah right, just because you are blessed, it doesn’t mean other girls who have painful period are ‘faking it‘; we’re just not as lucky as you, so shut up *ziiiip*

Let’s dive into understanding the truth about how period feels, shall we?


Period is like having an alien in your ovaries:

When I have period, I’ll feel weird movements inside of me, like tinglings & rumbles *grrrr Grrr*  It’s so uncomfortable & soon the rumbles come with PAIN. Every time I feel movements & pain inside me, I feel like an Alien is going to burst out of my belly like this!

what happens during a period

Like I said earlier, it can be super duper painful! The pain I get from my period is mainly on my uterus (the organ where my ovaries are intact). Logical, that I will feel pain from all the amount of blood right? My period is always irregular, so the amount of blood I get feels like ‘air terjun gao gao’.

what happens during a period

Even before the ‘air terjun‘ comes, I need to eat like at least 4-6 painkiller pills a day to lessen the pain! Sometimes the pain affects not only the uterus… period also gives me terrible migraine. My head feels like it’s gonna pop anytime due to pressure! Not only that, but I will also have digestion problems causing me to have stomach pain, excessive gassy stomach, diarrhoea & sometimes nausea (imagine… not only I have uterus pain & migraine, I also have indigestion probs).  WHOLE BODY PAIN LAH, ADUH!

what happens during a period

Tired tired!

Period is like a horrible sickness and worse of all, it’s not eligible for sick-leave. Means no matter how painful we get, we must get to work or school & pretend we are as healthy as we can be because it’s not a REAL sick. Come on, employers should be more thoughtful *arrrggghhh* Worse of all, no matter how much I sleep, I feel tired. Makes sense lah… with all that blood coming out from me, some energy will be gone with it too isn’t it? Still not convinced? OK, try bleeding yourself for a week & see if you’re as energetic as usual!


Mood swings. BIG TIME.

This is not something I made up. It is actually proven by SCIENTISTS that girls before periods are prone to mood swings & sadness. Just imagine… all your mind can think of are the bad things you did, the mistakes you did, and also the failures you have in your life. Most of the time, I had to even cry myself to sleep. I want need hugs!!

Unfortunately, here’s when some men lost it. I’ve had some experience with some friends who complain about their GFs like, “I’m so sick of her crying all the time… I don’t want to see her when she has a period, she is annoying…” First of all, it’s not cool to complain about your GF to another girl!

what happens during a period

Secondly, if you don’t even find the effort to understand the pain & sadness your GF is going through, I don’t think you DESERVE her! So, it means that you only want to be there for her when she’s happy, and ignore her when she’s sad? That’s NOT true LOVE. If you can’t stand her mood swings for ONE WEEK (every month) you expect her to spend the rest of her life with you, giving all her youth to you? Love means going through thick & thin together; in this case, heavy or light period ‘flow’ together! *badumms*

Insatiable thirst for desserts

If you want to show how sweet you are to your girl or wife who’s undergoing the torturous pain of period… give her candies or chocolate. LOTS of them. When I’m having period, all I can think of are decadent and rich desserts. Of course, do it in moderation, ok? Too much of anything isn’t healthy!

what happens during a period

For partners who showed support & patience to your girls during their bloody times, YOU ARE AMAZING *thumbs up* . For those who finally understand now… please be nicer to your girl when she’s on a period OR you can show yourself out the door because she deserves BETTER than you!

Now that I get it off my chest… time for me to crawl back to my bed in pain.

Till’ then,

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