Why Guys Dislike Short Hair on Girls?

Months ago, I decided to give myself a makeover and went for a drastic hair cut. Here’s the day of the happening…

BEFORE (Instagram: dianababe_lee)


AFTER… (Instagram: dianababe_lee)
dianababe-short-hair2So be the judge?

Here’s a rant post of mine. I found out that… majority of the guys dislike girls with short hair. After I posted my first post with my new short hair, I get quite a number of negative feedbacks from 80% males. Below’s a few example…

2Ouch. Ok, I admit I’m not hot anymore. 

1 ouchActually, some trannies look gorgeous. So thanks?
3Which law in the country says so…?
5So, just because Ellen DeGeneres has short hair, that make every girl with short hair LESBIAN? Very educated, sir.
4Woah… why would you be butt-hurt by my hair? Justin Bieber; I guess I can take that as a compliment because he’s pretty… I mean cute.

Anyway, why do guys dislike girls with short hair?
Is it because it’s a gender stereotype thing, in which guys think that LONG HAIR mean FEMININE?
Or do guys think that girls are indeed genetically should look better with long hair?

I don’t understand & perhaps if you’re a guy reading this you can enlighten me?
Anyway, I believe everyone deserves to express themselves freely, no matter what hair. And do be more accepting of who people are 🙂

Goodnight lovelies :*
Sincerely & truly yours;
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